Board & Staff Directory

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E-mail is the preferred method. Use phone numbers only for urgent concerns that require someone to be reached quickly.

Please remember that all Board and Staff members are volunteers. Please do not call before 9:00 am or after 9:00 pm. Thank you.
 Executive Board Members
Commissioner Julius Hitchens 
Assistant Commissioner  Mike Hurley 
Coach Administrator  Gabriel Adona 
Referee Administrator Robert Mac Dougall 
Asst Referee Administrator
Todd Maxwell 
Registrar  Susan McCarthy 
Registrar  Jessica Nichols 
Treasurer  Sylvia Estrada 
Secretary  Michelle Oliver 
CVPA  Scott Potter 
Safety Director Sam Frierson
 Secondary Programs
Spring Season Coordinator Randy Swink 
Special Events Coordinator Elise Potter 
Team Admin Coordinator Annie del Rio
Director of VIP Program  Irma Graffman 
Fields & Equipment Director Lawrence Honma 
Custodial Services  Sid Barin  
Matrix Coordinator  Armine Alemenanza 
Matrix Treasurer Michelle Oliver
Top Gun Tournament Scott Potter
 Staff Members
Sponsorship  Elise Potter 
Webmaster Alex Santos
Community Relations Joe Frichtel  
Coach Trainer Neil Avant  
Coach Trainer Sam Frierson