AYSO Region 285 - Be A Referee

Referee Training for Spring 2016

Coaches, Parents and Interested Teenagers...

                        ...Mira Mesa AYSO is offering Free Referee Classes.

The Basic Referee Class will be held in two three parts:

·       Classroom Session 1 - Friday, 26 February, 6:00pm to 9:30pm  

There is a short homework assignment between class 1 and 2 including completion of AYSO Safe Haven online training

·       Classroom Session 2 - Friday, 04 March, 6:00pm to 9:30pm

·       Fieldwork Session None, until we get in season…

o   Region 285: The Fieldwork is held at Wagenheim Fields

o   Other Regions: See your Region's Referee Administrator

Here is how to sign up and the course prerequisites:

STEP 1 - Register as an AYSO Volunteer. 

Go to http://www.miramesaayso.org/ and select Volunteers\Register as a Volunteer.  This is also needed to make your name available for the class roster.  If you are already registered as an  AYSO volunteer, go to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Sign up for this Basic Referee class on e-AYSO

Go to https://www.eayso.org/ .  

·        Login or create an account. 

·        Search directly for the Course using the Roster number – 201600064

·        Enter the roster number in the roster block then click SEARCH. 

·        Once course comes up....click the box at the far left under the checkmark, then click COURSE SIGN UP (bottom center). 

·        THAT's IT... very easy....

STEP 3 - There is no Step 3

Bring a pad of paper, pen/pencil and your own folding chair (VERY IMPORTANT).

Water and snacks will be provided.

Both of the classroom sessions will be held in Bob's garage at:

Casa Del MacDougall

10667 Stanwell Ct | San Diego, CA 92126



The AYSO Region 285 Referee Administrator is Bob Mac Dougall and you can contact him at (858) 229-6443 or by email at refereedirector@miramesaayso.org

Thank you and we hope to see you here!