Referee Training for Spring 2015

There are THREE different Referee Classes scheduled for Region 285 for this Spring
 Step 1:  Determine which class is the one for you to take:   
  • Take Class 1 (Two Friday evenings,2/20 & 2/27 )  OR Class 2 ( One Weekend, 2/28 & 3/1), if you are a New Referee (including Youth Referees) or New Assistant Referee (AR).   
  • Take Class 3 (One Friday evening, 3/6), if you are a returning Refs, looking for a Refresher before the season starts.
Step 2:  Scroll down for specific information regarding the class you wish to take

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact Bob Mac Dougall at:

Class 1 and Class 2

Classes 1 and 2 cover the same material.   The difference is the schedule and location:

Class 1 - (roster# 201500263 ) Class 2 - (roster# 201500264 )
  • Friday 2/20 & 2/27 (Both Sessions REQUIRED)
  • 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Will be held in private residence garage at 10667 Stanwell Ct (MAP)
  • Instructors: Bob Mac Dougall and Gabe Adona
  • Saturday, 2/28   8 AM to 4 PM
  • Sunday, 3/1    10 AM to 2 PM(Both Sessions REQUIRED)
  • Miramar Community College / Hourglass Fields
  • (in classroom at the south end of the college, near Hourglass Fields)
  • Instructors: Bob Mac Dougall and Gabe Adona

To take either of these 2 classes, you must register for the class through eAYSO and have an eAYSO ID number.   (Note that you must re-register each year as a volunteer.    

Note: if you are from Region 285 Mira Mesa, the course is FREE, for others from outside region 285, there is a $20 course fee.  See your own region's referee administrator regarding payment / reimbursement.

Course Registration Instructions:

Visit and log in.   On the right column, look for "enroll to take a class", Click on the word ENROLL, then enter roster (from above) , then select SEARCH, this should bring up the course, put a check in the box on the left, then select COURSE SIGN UP…follow the form from there...

Before your course:

 Attendees should take the ONLINE BASIC REF COURSE and SAFE HAVEN before the class dates.  Visit AYSO Online Training.  Sign in using your eAYSO ID and last name. The Safe Haven and Referee Training courses are the first ones listed on the page, scroll down on that page and click "START NOW" to begin.

I can't find my eAYSO ID, what do I do??

Visit AYSO Online Training, it has information on how to find your eAYSO ID.

Class 3

Class 3 is intended as a refresher for returning referees only.

The purpose of this class is to help you knock off the cobwebs and get ready for the Spring Season. We will have equipment available such as: Uniform shirts, shorts and socks, Laws of The Game (LOTG) books, Referee Match Report forms, etc.  Our lead NATIONAL REFEREE INSTRUCTOR Bob Schmidt and Basic/Intermediate Referee Instructor Bob Mac Dougall will be there to help you unravel the mysteries of THE BEAUTIFUL GAME as it reveals itself on the soccer fields of Mira Mesa.  Got a burning question?  Need clarification?  THIS IS THE TIME TO ASK….
There is NO eAYSO sign up for this class.  No class fee at all.  There will be free pizza at 7pm…How long it lasts is totally up to you.

Date:  Friday, March 6th
Time: 7:00 PM to ~ 8:30 PM
Location: Private residence garage at 10667 Stanwell Ct (MAP)

Referee Training

Congratulations new Referees!

Region 285 trained 11 new referees in 2014.

Your next chance to take the basic referee course will be before the Spring 2015 season.  Watch for news in March 2015.

Contact if you have any questions.